Skickade ett brev till en snubbe.

I read your fascinating information about time, and what it may be.

I just become to confused, here we are, we could be non-existent.
Sometimes i feel when i wake up in the morning as if i might not have woken up at all, that i simply was something that existed and is gone, but then i remember that iam still the same person as yesterday.

Don't you ever get that feeling where you feel so "existent"? For just a heartbeat, you feel really really strange like, how everything could just be darkness, but it isn't, you live, in a tiny spot of something we call the universe.. evolutioned from basic forms into the very being that you are today, capable of such thoughts, that no race on earth can feel.

Is the human mind truly supposed to cope with these questions. If the true meaning of time would be explained to a human, would he be able to understand it?
Why do we question everything, has evolution realized that questioning leads to survival, technology leads to progress?

If not, then won't any race that becomes intelligent enough be destroyed?

I once read that sometimes we are more intelligent then we are wise.

Anyway, it was fascinating to read, thank you!

Kind greetings from Sweden
-Olof Johansson

Postat av: Heidi

Fick då något svar? =)

2011-12-28 @ 19:52:21
Postat av: Olle

Nej :(

2011-12-29 @ 02:13:59

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